Spring Semester 2015
Beginning Feb.9

No Class:
May 1-2,14,23,25
June 4

MM End of Term Party
June 14 (Sun.)

8-Week Courses
Starting April 13

Summer 4-Week Tryout
Starting July 6

Fall Semester 2015
Starting Sept.14

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Musical Munchkin - the original

Musical Munchkins EU - The original
Music through English - English through Music
          ...for the little ones

Musical Munchkins was founded in 2003 by Isabella Tabibian, a trained American pianist with a love of children and education. The program's goal is to provide Early Childhood Music Education and English in the same course. Classes appeal to both native and non-native English speakers.

Early Childhood education is critical for each and every child's development. Studies show that educational activities in the early pre-school years increase children's ability to adapt and transition to ongoing education. Musical Munchkins teaches and exposes each child to important skills and situations: Student-teacher interaction, peer-to-peer interaction, participation skills, attention skills, increasing self-awareness and individuality, yet gently setting rules, discipline and sharing.